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I think more of our money economy will be replaced in the near future.

We have so much enabling technology, and more to come, that money will simply not matter in so many situations. Inexpensive technology will take care of us.

We might seem to regress as a species to an earlier level of sophistication, but we’ll still have wireless networking and more. Argentina: The Post-Money Economy

“Buenos Aires, the ‘Paris of Latin America,’ these days looks decidedly Third World. Of course the broad boulevards, late 19th-century buildings and teeming cafes downtown may suggest European gentility. But ten miles away, in the working-class suburb of Quilmes, merchants are hawking everything from homemade turnovers to new and used clothes, custom carpentry, haircuts and fresh produce. The shell of the old Bernalesa metal works has been turned into a massive market, whose four-foot aisles are so jammed that thousands of men, women and children can barely make their way over the dirt floor, past rickety stands of unpainted, unfinished wood — this in a country where shopping used to mean going to the supermarket, or the mall.”

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