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It is becoming clear to me that I will want to select an HDTV and a Cingular cellphone.

For the HDTV, the more fun but much more expensive purchase, I’ve got to consider why I’m purchasing it: to have a larger screen in general and to enjoy HD video games.

I know there’s CRT, slim CRT, plasma, DLP rear projection, LCD, other kinds of rear projection, and front projection. All can do HD.

I don’t know what kind of specs to really look for and use to compare one against the other. There’s a lot to be done there.

The cellphone purchase is so I can help my gfriend upgrade her cellphone with “the right one”. She has an old Motorola which chews through battery life. Also it has poor coverage as it’s TDMA. Also it doesn’t register that it has been called, that voicemails have been left, etc. It is generally irritating.

Motorola recently has made a splash with some nifty designs, but my experience with them has led me to believe they’re crap. Motorola’s software to me is very buggy. Their USB to computer connections are flaky for the V710. Their software looks the same, which is good in a way, and bad in that they need some change. It is ugly.

Samsung has some solid feeling phones, and Nokia has some great phones. LG and all the rest are okay, but Nokia seems to come out a leader on raw cellphone performance: call quality and battery life. It seems like they have more power devoted to the in-call radio transmission, and when not in a call there’s less power used. Looking at the internals of the phone the hardware layout is much prettier than that of other phones. See page 6 for this Nokia 6102’s internals. Compare against the Samsung P270‘s [pdf korean font warning]. Nokia’s got fewer chips, less to fail.

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